H&K P30 trigger

I was excited I’m getting ready to buy my first SA/DA pistol. I find the H&K line to look incredibly attractive and sleek. I picked up the P30 at my dealer and it felt amazing. I was set on walking out with it. Then I pulled the trigger I think I vomited in my mouth. Same thing in Single Action. It wasn’t the reset, it was the feel of the pull plus the feel of that plastic trigger. Is it only the P30 or is this the way H&K triggers are.

I was thinking about a P30 for my wife, but reconsidered after reading a lot of negative reviews regarding the trigger in both DA and SA .  
I rented about a dozen different pistols before deciding on my CZ-P07. I will note that most rental guns will be well broken in though.  I was not thrilled with trigger on my pistol when I got it, but It got better after the first 500 rounds. The next 500 didn't change it much more, but after disassembly, cleaning, and  some polishing on the innards, I've got a good feeling trigger.

The trigger will smooth out after a few hundred rounds. My P30 is a tack driver.