H.R. 1761 To prohibit Federal funding of State firearm ownership databases, and for other purposes.

Here is bill cosponsered by my Rep designed to keep the Anti Gun crowd from funding gun registration to those states that are determined to register or otherwise prohibit firearms.
Once again the odds of passing are nil with the Peloser House but at least the Pro Firearm Crowd is making a statement.


Looks like a good bill. Just wish the :rnc: were better at pushing things through when they are at the wheel rather then being the party of stopping and resisting when the :dnc: are in


^ This. I feel like the last 2 years were wasted on the subject of our rights. They focused too much on the economy and while that’s great they let this stuff and the wall slip through the cracks. It is as if they wanted to sit on it just to have conflict with the dems knowing they were gonna lose at least one of either the house or senate.