H.R.2585 - S 1352 Resources for Victims of Gun Violence Act of 2019

So now the House is playing the cry for me card.
Using incomplete data and skewed examples while totally ignoring the whole story or the other side completely.
How about how many crimes were prevented by citizens with firearms?
How about other statistics like people killed by automobiles?
This list can go on forever.
This is AGENDA being pushed by the Democrats to destroy this country and disarm the public they cannot protect.
No Sense At ALL.


I get to where it takes all I have to read through this crap.
I like how they use a number from 2010 for homicides, but 2018 for other things. Were there MORE homicides by gun in 2010 than now? I don’t even know if the numbers they are using are factual, but this whole thing is a big pile of steaming dog poo.

They want to put no less than 2 but no more than 5 gun violence victims on this committee? Do they screen these people first to make sure they are anti-gun candidates? Total BS!!!


Such is really leftist ideology coming to the surface, disarm the masses then we can do as we like. They are struggling not because of guns but the control aspect is what socialists want. Marx, Lenin, Stalin and now Bernie?