H.R. 3200 To repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 and amendments to that Act

The bill originally put in place only makes schools a target for mentally ill individuals.
Support this act and repeal a law that has shown to only increase the chance of our children being murdered by a mentally ill person.
Also allow teachers and parents to be armed in schools to stop and prevent such actions.


As much as I support this, and I really do, there is no chance in hell any democrat or a third or more republicans will pass this bill. ZERO CHANCE.


It’s nice to see an effort though. However that’s all the repeal Obamacare was. They had the numbers but still wouldn’t do it


An effort is a good thing, it is just a shame that an effort won’t save us in the end. Voting all of our politicians from both parties out is what we need to do in order to enact change. Not gonna happen since more than half of Americans are mindless technology slave sheep.