H.R.3234 and S 1795 - Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act of 2019

FFL Dealers are honest law abiding people that already follow regulations in place. Those that violate those laws and regulations are already accountable for those actions. Why do we need to give the BATFE yet more cart blanch to conduct yet more inspections of already approved FFL holders.
What is next? Black Boots and armbands?
Enforce the laws in place and stop adding more and more restrictions on the law abiding public. Criminals will not follow laws.

Read text of this crap here:


This seems to be another intrusion justification, again like the alleged anti-theft Bill. Silly S**t :face_vomiting:


I surmise that this is a way for the feds to come in and “examine” 4473’s somehow “logging” them for “reference”.