H.R. 4199 Safer Communities Act of 2019

This is an All In One ANTI-GUN bill that contains Red Flag Laws without due process, removes mental health professional privacy restrictions, removes States rights to oppose Federal Legislation, makes it so if you committed a misdemeanor crime and were forced into a mental health facility (Rehab for a DUI for example) then they can take your firearms, and more.

You can read this one at:


This is one, just one of the horrible group of Congressmen, who are only looking for the points given proposing “attractive” Bills that are reflecting a hugely distorted array of inaccuracies and lies. They should be more respectful of the seats they hold in Congress and more honorable with the stuff that comes out of their offices.


^ That is not possible. Each state can and should be autonomous from the federal government. But, having said that and seeing how much the feds have diluted and outright defied our rights I am not surprised.

At what point do the people wake up…or do they even bother waking up as long as they are on the government’s tit?


The addicts are happy as long as the needle is stuck in their arm…