H.R. 435 National Gun Violence Research Act

Right from the bill:

SEC. 2. Findings.

Congress makes the following findings:

(1) In the last 50 years, more individuals in the United States have died from gunshots than in all wars in which the United States was a combatant, combined.

(2) The rate of gun violence deaths in the United States is more than double that of other high-income nations.

(3) Guns accounted for 74 percent of homicides and 51 percent of suicides in 2016, totaling over 37,000 deaths in the United States.

(4) Gun violence disproportionately affects racial minorities, with African Americans comprising nearly 60 percent of homicide victims and 22 percent of unintentional injury deaths in 2016.

(5) Provisions in appropriations Acts dating back to 1996 have had a chilling effect on Federal funding for research on gun violence across the Federal Government and, as a result, research on gun violence is significantly underfunded relative to other leading causes of death.

(6) Research examining the nature, causes, consequences, and prevention of gun-related violence, suicide, and unintentional injury and death does not constitute advocacy in support of, or opposition to, gun control policies or regulations.

(7) More research and high-quality data relating to gun violence are needed to inform the development of effective strategies to reduce the incidence of gun-related injury and death.

This bill is based on lies, and distorted information proven incorrect by the FBI and numerous studies already.
The TRUTH is apparently what the Democraps choose to believe and not what is reality.


This bills Section 2 is based of lies and distorted information that has been researched many times by the FBI as well as other organizations both government and civil.
All to be found as inaccurate and outright lies and reported as non truths even by the FBI reports.
This is no more than anti-firearm agenda designed to produce yet more skewed data that can be twisted to fit the democrat agenda to take guns from the law abiding citizen.


100% correct.


I am in complete opposition to the to the outright allegations, Liars make up the authorship, Shame on you. All the allegations have been disproven by several scientific studies. False Advertising.


Huh, it doesn’t say that the vast majority of victims are criminals along with the people doing the shooting. And that criminals don’t follow the law. Where’s those facts?


They don’t have to make facts.
Free gun owning Americans are not taking any action as a whole to stop them from doing this shit.
So it will continue and eventually everyone will be backed into a corner and killed or disarmed.
I cant get people in Tennessee to send an email to a politician to prevent us from being disarmed in our vehicles. Most gun owners cant be bothered.


They can study all they like but until they acknowledge the REAL truths??? SSDD


Looks like the Gun Law maps too.


Proving once again demonRATS are traitorous scum.