H.R. 582: Raise the Wage Act

H.R. 582: Raise the Wage Act is to raise the minimum wage and establish raises to that wage based on time on the job.
This is nothing but another attempt to buy votes and will result in lost jobs across the nation.

Raising the minimum wage does not work.

Liberty Doll does a great segment on just this subject.


Liberty Doll does explain basic economics in the real world very well, and identifies structural differences between leftist liberal socialism and capitalistic philosophies. It should be very easy for the most affected people to see the liberals want to pay for social improvement by making them pay for it.


It’s more of this something for nothing millennial and inner city crowd to try and get so they can slack off at Mickey D’s for the rest of their pathetic lives. Entry level jobs are just that, every level. You are not suppose to make a “decent living wage” with them unless you get promoted to mgmt. I find it disgusting that people at the bottom whine and moan about not being paid a “living wage” in their every level jobs when they refuse to, you know, fucking work for it. Life is hard so get yer shit together you assholes.

You watch. The US gets this $15/hr minimum wage shit and all goods and services have their price skyrocket and $15/hr turns in to $7.25/hr and they are right back where they started. These are not smart people that’s why the far leftists have a head start in brainwashing. Easy to sell “free shit” then “work hard”.


I think you have a future in politics…

well… at least on the conservative level :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

good post


I get passionate about issues like this. I paid my dues working in retail for ~10 years and even real low paying jobs (car wash attendant) when time were tough to springboard to better things. Life is something you work for. If you have to ask for a handout you do not deserve one.


locally the previous provincial government did that
and they got replaced and the first thing the new government did was amend and lower the school age minimum wage (which was par) and suddenly student ( the real part timers) employment surged…


the demoRats don’t want to work hard, they want to show up and get top wages…who are we to say they are not worth it…lol…


Get used to it.
More than 1/2 the populous voted for the pig
They breed like rats too.
We do not.
Simple math 101 =
The end.


Man, my first job when I was 12 payed me $1.85 hr…in high school I made $3.25 hr
I remember thinking that I’d really have it made if I could make $10 hr :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I made a solid 2.00hr !!



And I bet you’re still making more than me :rofl::rofl::rofl: