H.Res. 533 Recognizing the accomplishments of professional surfer and surfwear executive Danny Kwock.

I had to post this up even if it isnt firearms related.
I just want to puke…

I as a citizen of this country find resolutions as this disgusting. The executive Mr. Kwock already reaps from success of his business and receives all the recognition he needs. There is NO reason the taxpayer or Congress should recognize him or any other successful business individual for being so. This has no place in Government just shows how corrupt the democratic party has become. Shall we recognize Mr Rouda’s Gardener or Maid next? Give me a break.

  1. Who the fuck is that douchebag?
  2. Why should we give a shit?
  3. What is the real reason why he was being recognized in this bill?

Yea, I agree. Phuck that kwock sucker.


I agree with @Chuparosa I’ve never heard of this person. With all that needs to be done in this country, why are our representatives wasting time with this sort of nonsense? Is there some sort of quota our government has to meet by passing so much legislation and resolutions? Save a tree. Give it a rest.


Must be a large campaign donor…