H20 flashlight


Apparently there’s a flashlight out there that runs on water! It’s called Hydra light saw it on an infomercial and then I seen Amazon sells it to . What do you think ? . http://a.co/d/6MsCQTY


Hmm, doesn’t run on batteries, but does use a fuel cell. Seems like something that will get tossed in the drawer.


Seems gimmicky, I need to see a torture test first. Lol


Probably junk, was just interesting. They show pulling off cap containing cell, dunk in water, slide it back in and good for up to 300 hours of light until it dries out again.


So you could pee in it and it would go for 300 hours? Sound survivalish


Good idea! Lol it would make the perfect piss bottle for archery hunting😂


if I was going to try it, I would buy it through Amazon. at least then I know my purchases guaranteed and I’m not going to get ripped off on trying to return it if necessary… although if you piss in it like @jf89 recommended, may void the warranty LOL


I do believe it was two on the infomercial if you pay shipping and handling additionally. but should you have to return, good luck getting your money back from what could be a half-witted company out of China! Amazon doesn’t ask questions and guarantees purchases with excellent customer service.


I drink alot of caffine, would that super charge the flashlight? I picture a portable lighthouse, if so.




What is “sleep” is that code for I need more caffine?




Could be.l…


The infomercial…


Exactly what I was thinking. And not the manufacturers “torture test” someone like Demolition Ranch.


@LonewolfMcQuade should do it and put it up on the community channel.


Lonewolf will pee in it, I dont want see a video of that.


Good question.


Hope y’all are referring to me torture testing the light, not “filling” the light😨


Same thing, @Giantspeed once told me he took a dump in the action of his AK during a torture test.