Had my meeting with my Congressman

Well, I just got home from meeting with Congressman Bucshon over here in Indiana. Let me just say that 15 minutes goes by very fast.
He was a nice guy, but definitely a politician.
The basic gist of his responses to things I brought up is that… everything is going great on a federal level concerning gun control. The Dems don’t really want gun control otherwise they would have done it in 2009 when they had the votes to do something. And how there are many Dems who are in favor of guns but they don’t say so publicly. Most all the gun control issues are at state level and everyone needs to call their state reps. He doesn’t see any gun control happening at a federal level, oh, except for the bump stock ban which was entirely an ATF decision. When I asked why Congress wasn’t making this kind of decision, since ATF are not elected, he squirmed and said "well, you would think that Congess would but it was up to them as basically it had to do with automatic firearms and technically the bump stock made a firearm automatic, and they are in charge of that sort of thing, blah blah blah.
He said his office does keep track of all emails and calls received. You are put into some sort of computer data base. He said everyone should call, even if you just give your name and say “please vote NO on HB 123” His assistant says not many people bother to write or call and she wishes more people did because they do take note of it all. But she also said he has advisors that he talks to concerning how he votes ???
Oh, and the southern border is just fine and coming along great (that got brought up in the end when I happened to mention that Brazil and Ecuador and I believe Columbia has a maximum prison sentence of 30 years and they have multiple serial killers who have killed over 300 children each and if caught, they serve their max 30 year and are released. ) They have done this and another is due to be released in 2021.
Oh, and Red Flag laws are also at the state level so contact your state rep, but don’t worry, there’s due process. I was arguing this one as I was being escorted out the door.

His assistant takes notes on what’s discussed. He did actually write one thing down that I said and that was when I brought up not being able to have a firearm on federal property, even if it’s just a parking lot, like the situation in Indy with my boyfriend not being able to take his firearm all day with him because he parks 15 minutes from the VA hospital where he works, in what is considered a federal parking lot.
So that’s it. Like I said, time flew by fast.

Oh, I almost forgot. When I first requested to meet him I was asked what I would be discussing. I wrote “2A”
Today, none of them knew what 2A stood for till I told them.


Hi @RedAngel

Thank you for reporting back.

I guess this is the part that jumped out at me:

Partly because at the end it kinda, sorta implies that they all go their own sweet way regardless of what we plebs say (although I guess we knew that… ).

But also because you have to wonder how politicians (regardless of which country we are in) would react if we, collectively, spent that extra bit of time to make our opinions known. Sure, it takes time and effort to write a letter or do what you did, but if we can’t find that time for the issues that matter most to us - whatever they may be - then it is hardly surprising when government screws us over. Again.




You should have seen his face when I accused members of Congress for breaking their oath. Talk about a deer in headlights. :rofl:


My reps are in my email contacts so I can quickly draft an email and send it to them. I always do. I make sure to find time to have my voice heard.


Good report. Confirms several things.
First that writing and calls go in a data base. If that data base ever gets accessed is questionable since they take their positions based on (political) advisers.
That they are willfully ignorant about things like Red Flag laws if they try to tell you “don’t worry. There’s due process.” It’s not due process if it’s after the fact.
Excellent point on breaking their oat of office. I would have LOVED to see his face.


Politicians are bred to lie.