Handgun Optic upgrades!


TruGlo TFX PRO Day & Night Sights set.
The first upgrade I do on any firearm including rifles is to change out the sights, my reasoning is simple, I have crappy eyesight!
To the optically challenged shooters @ FULL30
Let me put it to you this way, you would literally have to be blind not to be able to see and use these sites!
I have several different handguns with various brands of Night Sights, These are my new favorite, The addition of the fiber optic filament along with the Tritium=unbelievably bright, sharp crisp sight picture!
I wanted to pass this along @anybody that has Vision issues, these will help tremendously!


I put these sights on my G26 EDC. They work great. Only issue is the corners are a bit sharp and I rub my arm on them from time to time. I might round them off a little bit. The tritium holds it’s charge all night. The gun sits on a stand next to my bed and sometimes I wake up and can see the dot.


I havent used my sights on the EDC for the past 6 or 6 months. Found that Both my confidence, speed, and even accuracy improved. If needing a longer shot Ill use them… but havent really needed to. My hope is that when my eyes start going it wont affect me that much. We will see.