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Hello from Swm41
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1943 PP brought home by my grandfather who invaded the Walther Factory in ww2



My CZ P-01, with NSN, fully polished trigger components and some sear work. All factory parts. I may order some Cajun Gun Works parts later on, but I’m so happy with it the way it is that I may not.


my CZ P-07 DUTY.


Mauser p38


My Rock Island 1911 45 ACP 3.5 Inch



my edc


Springfield Rep let me play with this the other day :heart_eyes:


Taurus PT738 TCP, Taurus PT111 Millennium G2. My first two pistols, still serving well.


I’m surprised there hasn’t been an AR pistol yet. This is my first but won’t be the last. PSA complete lower and upper. Premium BCG. 10.5" 5.56mm barrel outfitted with a KAK Flash Can. KAK Blade out back, OD green even though it looks brown from the flash and ambient lighting. A black Magpul MOE grip when this was taken, since switched to the same in green to match the Blade. Primary Arms MD-ADS for sighting duty.


Ruger New Single-Six in .22LR

Walther 1911A Colt Gold Cup in .22LR

Double Tap in .45ACP

Springfield XDs in .45ACP

Kimber Ultra Carry II in .45ACP

Taurus Judge 2.5" Cylinder, 3" Barrel DAO


Here’s a pair of Sig P320s I brought home the other night. One with the Romeo1 and one without.


Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan with stag grips from Lonestar Stag Grips. It came with tan Crimson Trace laser grips, but they were a very light tan and looked odd. Crimson Trace was great to deal with and they swapped them out for a set in black that I put on my stainless Micro 9.


Glock 43 with battleworn cerakote


No picture thread is complete without a cheap AMT 380.


Can’t resist mods, more to come.