Handgun Picture Thread


Nice ,is this going to be for CCW?


Nah, just range duty until I can get in to CAS.


Try trail boss . I don’t think you could over load it if you try.


Cowboy Action Shooting , its actually pretty neat.


Savage model 1907,32ACP


I forgot to mention this same revolver model had a .44 mag variant. I was torn between that and the .45 LC. The weight is the same.



First of all - these are reproductions. As such, they probably can not handle the higher pressure calibers available today (but that weren’t available back in the 1800’s).

Second, the .44 magnum - not sure if Cabela’s got that right. It might actually be .44-40, which is a lower pressure, lower performing cartridge. However, .44-40 is nothing to sneeze at, just not quite as powerful as the .44 magnum.

Third, regardless of the above, a 35 ounce handgun firing bullets with energy in the realm of a .44 magnum (or .45 long colt +P), would have substantial kick - quite unpleasant, in fact. My Ruger Redhawk with a 4 inch barrel, in .44 magnum, weighs around 46 ounces and kicks a bit even with the lighter magnum loads. Taking another 11 ounces off of that would be no fun to shoot.

So, bottom line, I would not try +P ammo in your Pietta .45 lc handgun.


I own the Uberti 1873 Cattleman and everyone here is spot on. No +P. Get some ‘cowboy action’ loads. Cast bullets. You’ll be happy and they’re plenty smokey! Now you need a quick draw holster and some snap caps to practice with at home for fun!!


Noted! Thanks John. :cowboy_hat_face:


Busted out the desert eagle this morning for a little photo shoot.


It is a thing of beauty isn’t it? Not all that practical but when you want things to blow the F up accept no substitutes. Well, except maybe for a .500 S&W.


The desert eagle is always practical- it practically always destroys whatever you point it at.


It was bright and sunny so I wanted to take a picture for size comparison between my wheelguns. And to get more details in the frames since my other pictures are indoors and fuzzy. edit Ok this image is also fuzzy. Ugh!

Top: Pietta 1873 SA in .45 LC
Middle two: Umarex Colt Peacemaker CO2 BB
Bottom: Heritage Rough Rider .22 mag / .22 LR

These CO2 revolvers are pretty close to size (being licensed by Colt helped) but obviously not in weight. You can even do C-O-L-T with the hammer. Speaking of which the hammer isn’t flush when all the way down.

I really need to get a decent camera and a setup to take good pictures.


I didnt know thats what “practical firearms” meant but it makes sense in a Dirty Harry kind of way.


It’s practical for who ever wants it. For me, it’s too big to carry, I tried, but it’s over 5 pounds. On the belt isn’t going to work unless I use suspenders. I bet it would be OK on a shoulder rig, I’ll have to try it.

I love big guns. I even have a 500 mag. I just enjoy shooting big rounds.

Besides, it makes snowflakes melt, and that makes it worth the $2k price tag.


Agreed - .50 AE is a potent caliber. .500 S&W Magnum even more so.

But, let’s not forget the .460 S&W, and for those that like to put rifle rounds in handguns, the .45-70.


Every bit of this. :cowboy_hat_face:


My daughter is getting this Sig Scorpion for her birthday


Thats a nice looking piece.


Shes lucky I’m a Glock guy. Lol