Handgun Picture Thread


No offense ,but she has better taste in firearms than her dad. …:rofl:


That’s very nice!! She’s a lucky girl.


No interest in plastic guns and is a natural with the 1911. I honestly think she could draw from the hip and shoot more accurately than me. We’re going to test that out after her birthday. Lol.


Shes just smart enough not to ask for something useless like clothes or shoes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Thanks! :grinning::sunglasses:


:birthday: HBD just clean up after yourself


^ Ditto, what he said.



Ooh, purty!


Dual jet printer lol. Even made some nerf darts for my boys.


You should post that picture over here Brother!


Not enough 10mm here yet.

Rock Island Armory Rock Ultra FS (full size) HC (high capacity; 16+1) 10mm with Wolff 22 lb. recoil spring and Streamlight TLR-6 light/laser combo. That’s 12,750 foot pounds fully loaded, or about the same as 30 rounds of 9mm.


Looks like a RIA with their logo covered over…

first cheap thing I think I’ve seen you post

but its 10mm so it ok :sunglasses:


Not hand fitted, all forged parts made in-house, etc. But, I can’t argue with either the performance or the relative price! High-end alternatives are so “pretty” that I’m almost afraid to use them.


My S&W 2nd Model .44 Special. Loaded with British proof marks. Maybe Lend Lease ?


My Old School Bulldog Revolvers

Belgian and American 19th Century hideouts.


not .44 S&W as to special?


.44 S&W Special, as in .44 Magnum’s daddy.


only asking becasue if it was .44 S&W (not special or heavy) it could have been a lent to Russia as in .44 Russian