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As issued to the armoured corp


Certainly possible. .44 Special was never a military cartridge, but the Russians could have used the older ammo in this pistol. But with the British proofs, I think was meant for the UK. The Brits were desperate for anything that could throw a bullet then. Maybe someone at the S&W Forum can decipher these proofs better than I, who is no expert.


Its beautiful!

That much I can help with :grin:


Brit tankers ? That would be rather cool !


not yours - but this one with the bobbed hammer



Enfield Mk. 2. There was a bit of a scuffle with Webley over this revolver. As in " you wankers stole our design (for the Webley Mk IV)" , which they sorta did. Both handguns are great shooters and very collectable.


Smith & Wesson Perfected






Oh it’s heaven


What model is that James?


Let’s play guess the pistol. :wink:

Anyone else wanna guess?


Helwan M1951 9mm made in Egypt.



Now how the hell do I find out what year this was made? I’ve been all over the internets and cannot find anything.


Well it could be from anywhere from 1949-1980. In Egypt they are known as the M1951.
I have good search skills?


Sooo, not a wheel gun fan?


I meant the exact year based on my serial number. :slight_smile:

There’s a ton more info I’m trying to locate too. Like will the Beretta M1951 barrel, block and such interchange? I don’t think my block is cracked so that’s good. Gotta locate some original mags. Time for an eBay trip. Haha.


Sorry Brother I’m multitasking again. Good question, and I don’t have the answer.


No worries. I’ll keep looking. :+1: