Handgun Picture Thread


No worries. I’ll keep looking. :+1:






This is a shot of one of my AR pistols I designed and built. ultra light weight 5.56. Receiver set and hand guard from Lead Star Arms, 7.5" barrel, custom TiN coated some parts. This thing is a serious fire ball shooter.
Also recently finished up an AR9 build as well. Just waiting on some new optics for it and be time to go zero it in.


First one is my new 1911 from RIA the other is my gp100 and my R1 remington which I no longer have.(Had car issues had to sell it for down money :frowning:



Cobra Pistol Crossbow w/ 40 bolts :sunglasses:

Yes, it’s very lethal in case anybody was wondering. So like I said, they won’t know what hit’em :laughing:

Watch out Mr. Squirrel cause I’m coming for you :rofl: :wink:


What a let down

spoiler alert, the squirrel lives


I shot a squirrel with a .308 HP…he didnt live.


little crossbow pistol would be a blast keeping in your blind on days your sheltered… a lot cheaper to fire at squirrels than your regular arrows LOL


30-30, same result


I want to shoot a coyote with .50 bmg.


Ahahahhahaha splatter effect


Sometimes humanity disturbs me.


Only sometimes ?
Don’t get me wrong there’s some good people out there but there few and far between


You’re right, I’ll change my “sometime” to “most of the time”. :+1:


Never eat any tree rats?


I’m not taking the bait.


I have.