Handgun Picture Thread


Define “good”? By todays standards “good” means being sheep, we are more degenerates and possibly future confederates. (Although I will identify as A yankee confederate)



But GUN shoes!


Humanity and siphilization are not my thing, not everyone can be a nobel peace prize winning Barry Obama type.


There is people with good heart and intentions
Thatvcarry no malice
And could never think they way that we do
They may be sheep but they also are good people
Would you not defend a old lady that was being rapped or robbed ?


No brother, theres a heart strike in effect, union power and all that, you know :wink:


Long live the Republic Brother!


drops mic :grin:



Dont be so easy , make people work for your hearts


This one fires 9mm and .380 doesn’t it


Where’s the Love? give this guy some :heart:s to share, and spread happiness.


Sounds kind of hiippish,




Beautiful gun, shoonmine.

How do you like it? Any issues?

I have the PPK and like it a lot, though the sights are a bit too small and it only holds 6+1 rounds.


It only shoots .380 as far as I know. Its not labled 9mm anywhere.


I couldn’t see the Kurz because of the glare



the caliber is 9 mm kurz, which is the same as .380 acp.

kurz is German for short.

.380 is 9x17. 9 mm (like you see everywhere) is 9x19.

both .380 acp and 9 mm are .355 inch diameter bullets. Just the 9 mm is more powerful (and taller).


Thank you
I knew this but when I looked at the photo the kurz was in the glare and I didn’t make it out right away



Cool. Glad you know this.


The infamous smith and Wesson Glock
S&W has to pay Glock $9 for every sale of this pistol
This basically is a stock pisto it l has a polished sear and removed the coil over trigger spring and the pig nose spring
Great gun for a reasonable price