Handgun Picture Thread


Not my Star but damn son this is one fine looking pistol. Love the bronze color. Makes me want to buy a Star with lots of holster wear and have it cerakoted with some of the parts polished like in the pics. I’m such a sucker for loving this oddball stuff. I mean I have an Egyptian pistol after all. :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m a wheel gun man and the 5&686 are my all time favorites!


Good stuff!


Beautiful guns, Barryc123.

It appears you share a couple of interests with me: revolvers and lever guns.

I don’t have the 586 (I like it, though, especially with the 3 inch barrel), but I do have the 686+ (7 shot version) and like it a lot.

I have mostly Marlin lever guns, but I like the Winchester lever guns, especially in .44 magnum. Hope to buy it sometime in the (near) future.



Here is a picture of my S&W 686+:


Thanks guys, back in the seventies I had a pretty nice collection of revolvers but then the wife decided to have kids, bye bye guns, except the model 94, it was my dads. So now slowly getting a few revolvers back.
I’m really glad I found this forum, seems like nothing but nice, intelligent folks.



I have rebuilt my gun collection several times over the decades. It took me years to build it up each time. Each time, I learned a lot more.

Hope you (continue to) enjoy rebuilding yours.


My frankenbuild






Browning Hi-Power



Is that the Hudson h9?


@Giantspeed No. Thats the Silencer Co. Maxim 9. Completely unnecessary, but still a lot of fun.


my newest purchases from psa

$299.99 for both pieces


I am a trigger whore, and this Lazy Wolf trigger is SWEET!
I had the Lobos trigger on here last week. And although I liked it a lot, this one just took over its job. Highly recommended!


It’s one of the favorites I return to again and again. Just a hunk block brick of German!


Yeah I know, I need to get that sticker off the laser…


Technically they are pistols.


stares in ATF