Handgun Picture Thread


Here is a picture that I have on hand - my S&W Governor. I liked the fit and finish better than the Judge. Also, one extra bullet doesn’t hurt. It also will shoot .45 ACP with moon clips, but why?



nice gun! I agree though, no reason to shoot .45 acp thru it (unless in desperation).


Is the Governor rated for .45 LC +P? If so those are some NASTY cartridges. I would carry that hand cannon. Haha. :cowboy_hat_face:

But to you all’s point .45 ACP, meh, what’s the point in that or the Judge? Unless you want better recoil control vs .45 LC +P?


According to Buffalo Bore, no +P ammo in the Governor. :frowning_face:



I am pretty sure that the Governor is NOT rated for .45 LC +P - would be nice, though.


OMG, the governor.

Can’t have that in CA. NO, NO, NO…


Buffalo Bore has some standard pressure .45 LC that has over 500 ft-lb of energy. That’s not bad. Need to shoot that in my SAA 1873 clone.




Buffalo Bore produces some great ammo.

Yes, you might just get that much energy out of your saa revolver. Fun!

Out of the Governor, the figure would drop some as the longer cylinder does not make up for the shorter barrel. You might see only 850 fps (still respectable), producing around 400 ft lbs.


Hell of a first, might just want to call it good and now get an STI 2011


Yup, benchmark gift to myself. Looking at a Marauder or a Costa. Grabbed a RIA 22tcm/9 2011 in the meantime. Haven’t shot it yet.


Les Baer


Wilson Combat Customized set


You’re leaving me this set in your will! On a completely unrelated note, wanna go shooting tomorrow :joy::rofl:


This one is a Concept VII




Good stuff :+1: is your tv ok?


Ha ha! Yes it’s still in one piece with no holes.


Potentially a good hiding place.


G20 20lb recoil spring, guide rod and adapter, extended slide release, lime-green/tritium front sight, steel Glock rear sight, Alpha Wolf extended/threaded barrel (6.61”), Lone Wolf compensator, 10mm + power mag springs, Suarez International Combat magazine guide/well (no longer made).