Handgun Picture Thread




I am not sure if this is a pistol or what… close enough


This is my customized bear gun… hahhahaha


I like that.



Jealousy. My favorite right there. U.S. Army?

I see now no US property stamp.


I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to the beloved 1911, but if my memory serves me, I seem to remember the the first ~86,000 made once there was a standard all have weird bluing. See the slide. The bluing gets much darker the last 1/3 on the slide. No military marketing to speak of. It does have the proof mark on the slide for passing pressure testing.


Can you post a pic of the other side?


Oh, and here’s the father-in-law’s. Has some of that odd bluing.


I remember that post. The other side is clean on mine.

Mind you it is far from original. The slide, hammer, slide lock, and safety are most likely the only original parts left on it, but it is extremely accurate.


The frame isn’t original?


Nope. It has an Essex arms frame.




Consecutive calibers 44 & 45.


Those are all my semiauto and revolvers, love each


Impressive collection!!! Thanks for sharing with us


AR9, set up for Colt mags;

Just using a cheap red dot. I had to go back and put a riser under it after my first range trip.


I really like how Colt mags look versus lowers that take Glock mags


Agree with that!


Messin with my personal 9mm Glock G19 MOS Gen 4. A few extra goodies… but not many.