Handgun Picture Thread


I have wanted a Beretta for a long time!

And this Glock 45 was a super fantastic addition to my collection.


Nice! I had a Beretta and loved it. Sold it to a friend of mine for his wife. It was a .380 and had snowman sites and after I got my Kimber, I hardly ever shot it again.


Let me think here…I originally had a Remington Model 51, which I don’t recommend, but I actually got a lot of money in trade for it. Then I got an M&P. Functional but not my fav. Sold it. Hmmmm next was Glock 19. Sold it (to acquire the Glock 45). Got the Beretta. Yay!!! And recently the Glock 45!


Yeah the M&P isn’t my fav either. But I still have it. And the SA EMP.

Only one long gun and I haven’t finished building it yet. Other projects got in the way. I’ll post when its done.


Yes… this seems to go everywhere with me even when I am in the bath… it is in arms reach.


I LOVE the Beretta. Have a few in my collection


This is me. My Canik goes everywhere with me at home. It’s quite fulfilling to know I have 18rds if +P on tap if I need it.


Nice! My wife got me one last year and I can’t believe how well it shoots. Amazing firearm for sure.


A couple I’ve been tinkering with lately.


Scrub a dub dub, sig in the tub


The Dark Corner “Arachnid”

And “Maximum Effort”


While I pine for a Full30 channel, there’s always YouTube, i guess. I feel dirty posting there. But, here’s the Glock on the range.