Handgun Picture Thread


Been there, done that! Finally got all that shit paid off! I hold no credit cards or debt now. If I want something, I pay cash.


I am nearly the same boat… i owe 80 bucks on my CC and the bastards will not send me a statement.


Good for you!!! We just paid it all off and it is liberating. Fuck credit, it’s a cancer.


Very liberating and calming! There’s nothing worse than looking at your paycheck every week realizing that half or greater has to be put away for the end of the month to pay the never ending credit card debt! Kids are grown, truck is paid for, no mortgage, no effing credit card bill! If I Could Kick this brass lead and steel addiction, I’d be doing great! LOL


I started earlier. Needed to payoff everything (but the mortgage) before the kid is born. Once my lease is up on my Charger I’ll buy it and the payment will be cut in half. Love having student loans and credit card payments GONE!!

And no, don’t kick the brass and steel habit. :slight_smile: Life’s too short to not have fun!


I have to agree there!


Plus lifes to valuable to not want to protect yourself.



Thats a beauty!


I always wanted a Kimber (stemming from 10 years ago but they were slit more experiensive then, I ended up buying a ruger KP90)…Funny story this gun has…
The day I became a citizen, took the oath to stand up and protect this great country with my life…After, My wife and family went out had the most American breakfast I could find, we then went to the gun shop and I bought her (the Kimber custom II), and then went to the gun range!! Had to wait the three days because I didn’t have the Concealed carry license at that time, but we rented a few…