Handgun Picture Thread





FNX 45 Tactical, with Trigicon RMR, and a Streamlight TLR-2 HL G.



Dan Wesson - Guardian (9mm)


Cimarron replica of a colt peacemaker (.45 Colt).


Harrington & Richardson - Young America - Safety Hammer. Mfg between approx. 1884-1908. Approx 1.5 million produced. Serial #654.


A tribute to rampant consumerism perpetuated by YouTube channels…


Just bought this one a week ago. It’s a Gen 4 Glock 26, which comes with three 10-round mags. I can carry it that way in my pocket for those rare occasions where that is needed or I can carry it holstered with a 17-round mag with the Xgrip sleeve and the Taran Tactical magazine base plate shown, which ups it to 20 rounds. Also bought some Magpul 21-round magazines and a Glock 33-round magazine for extra play time. :grinning:


My EDC. Sig Sauer P320. Love it.


Considered a pistol I guess it fits in the handgun pic thread. My Century Arms AK47 pistol, Made in USA!


A couple of of my regulars. The S&W I carry in my car because I don’t want to leave a more expensive gun in there due to the possibility of theft. And my favorite, my FNX45.


Here is my Tristar C100 CZ 75 compact clone By Canik
I am really impressed so far by this little shooter.


That there is my dream gun!


My father had a PPK with holster. Unfortunately he had it nickel plated. Looked good, but ruined its collector value. Now it is just a shooter. I passed it down to my son, so I don’t have a picture to share.


Love those stag grips! May have to get some for my Ruger lightweight commander.