Handgun Picture Thread


Psssst. They’re already there.
You didn’t here it from me.



Was it the Russians or Neil Armstrong who put them there? Everyone knows Aliens use laser beams.


Well if you recall my handgun of the month entry, the engraved initials were done on the Glock 42 this morning. I think it turned out well. Simple, yet fancy. My wife LOVES it!



I think Belt Fed likes Handguns…
What ya think?

Very Nice collection there.



Love mine!!!
SIG P938 SAS with Bark Mammoth Grips and custom Safire Grip Screws best (and pimpest) BUG

If I have clothes on this is concealed on me with 2x Kimber 8 round mags (meant for the Micro 9 but work in the 938 as well).


@Bigbadjones @thisoldgun

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Sweet gun man!


All those revolvers and no Bisley???!!!

Need to get off the stick Belt-Fed…

Just ribbing you. Great collection again.
I’m a bit (OK A LOT) Jealous.


The Autos.


@AgentVenom, I recognize those grip screws their Wicked :wink:


Sure are!! Good eye!


Since posted in another thread I’ll post it here too.
My Adams Arms Piston 11.5” AR “Pistol” it’s one of those guns you put together because it costs so little it was almost like they are paying you. Almost

Pistol was a blemished one on super discount, everything else on it was repurposed from other builds (mine and others who ask for help) even the EOTech came off another gun I bought so cost me 0$$ or I wouldn’t have an EOTECH.