Handgun Picture Thread


Beretta 84FS Cheeta

Beretta 92FS Inox Compact
Beretta PX4 Storm Stainless
Beretta 92G Wilson Combat
Beretta 92 Centennial


Once again love your work man ! Really cherry!


So true it’s too funny! I’m pulling the trigger on an similar setup… just with an M&P 2.0 compact!



CZ SP-01 Phantom, Cajunized. 1Sst Gen, love it.

CZ P-10C White Nitride, brand new 2018 production, have only 205 rounds through it so far, but me likee.

Original P-10C, very first FDE model, going strong and my every day carry pistol right now.


sergetoll, those are some BEAUTIFUL wheel guns, sir! Gorgeous works of gun makers art.


SAA 1873 (Ruger New Vaquero & Uberti El Patron Competition, 357Magnum)

SAA 1873 (SASS Ruger Vaquero, 357 Magnum)


Now those are my jam. Your SAA’s are so beautiful.


Weirdly enough on the FDE, yes, a little, but with the White Nitride, no…and they look exactly the same. The FDE will be heading to Cajun Gun Works for some LA love as soon as I can.


SW 686

SW 66


Love those prices…great post


That will be my next handgun. Looking forward to it!


Some likes Ruger!!!





Here is one of mine that I turned into a wallpaper for my blog :slight_smile:

Some of my gun porn is located here http://trb.fyi/desktop-wallpaper/


S&W 659

S&W 39-2

S&W 586-3 Matt Black finish from the factory

I really like the old S&W pistols. So I pick them up when ever I run across a good deal on one. Of course I can’t pass up a good deal on any gun.



Are you down with Brown?



It’s nice to see one dirty!


Love these guys :blush: