Handgun Picture Thread


Finally got out to shoot my new m&p 2.0. I was impressed! It shot well!


My carry is this Glock G43 Options: Tritium sights, LaserMax Guide rod laser, Talon grips, and True Precision SS Barrel.


1 of them, have a Beretta m9a3 on the way as well.


Enfield Revolver


My favorite ‘handgun’, my Sten MKII.


Another fun pistol


Kriegsmarine Star in 9mm. Vet bring back


Yes, I intend to take some advanced training instruction.


Sheridan Knocabout


A “grease gun” Saweeeet!! Appears to be in superb shape too.


Enfield revolver in actionimage


Many handguns have I. So here’s one of my favorite semi-autos.


Nice, do you ever carry it concealed?


I tried once, it’s too big and too heavy.



I love the grips on that!


That auction armory must be a really shady dishonest company if lying & identity theft are their idea of good business practices. I’d be afraid of even visiting the website let alone giving them a penny! Have to start spreading the word before people get ripped off!


No none-sense Glocks and a LCP…sounds like a practical guy.


G30 gen 4, G27 gen 4, G43, G42 and PCL…And G29 coming soon :blush:


I wonder how many people are going to feel extremely low and dirty when they realize that they rubbed one- off to "Doug":astonished::poop: