Handgun Picture Thread



I love the grips on that!


Fake account


Real account


That auction armory must be a really shady dishonest company if lying & identity theft are their idea of good business practices. I’d be afraid of even visiting the website let alone giving them a penny! Have to start spreading the word before people get ripped off!


No none-sense Glocks and a LCP…sounds like a practical guy.


G30 gen 4, G27 gen 4, G43, G42 and PCL…And G29 coming soon :blush:


I wonder how many people are going to feel extremely low and dirty when they realize that they rubbed one- off to "Doug":astonished::poop:


My addiction.



Im not here to judge, do your thing man.


@Mongo Jealousy… I want.



Double jealous. I’m lacking in the modern handgun department. What is that a blueprint of? It looks so familiar…


I couldn’t resist making a gif of this guy. I know I showed a picture before but I honestly love this pistol… Star 9x19 delivered to the German Kriegsmarine months before the D-Day landing. This is a veteran bring back taken from a German Officer. image

Original German holster


The trigger is pinned at the top and hinges. It is incredibly light.


The extractor likes to not do it’s job every now and then, but I can live with it. It’s one of the more interesting pieces in my collection I think simply because it’s a Nazi 1911!


Love it, keep the Gifs comin!

(forgot the Nazi salute)


From my poster company



CZ-75 pre-b transitional. This was a box of stripped parts when I bought it (Bubba couldn’t figure out how it went back together) so I tried my hand at Cerakote. Aside from needing better light I think it turned out well.



Finish favorite

creep E

(bottom one)


Ha ha. You’re right. I’ll try to be less weird. Lol.