Handgun Picture Thread


My addiction.



Im not here to judge, do your thing man.


@Mongo Jealousy… I want.



Double jealous. I’m lacking in the modern handgun department. What is that a blueprint of? It looks so familiar…


I couldn’t resist making a gif of this guy. I know I showed a picture before but I honestly love this pistol… Star 9x19 delivered to the German Kriegsmarine months before the D-Day landing. This is a veteran bring back taken from a German Officer. image

Original German holster


The trigger is pinned at the top and hinges. It is incredibly light.


The extractor likes to not do it’s job every now and then, but I can live with it. It’s one of the more interesting pieces in my collection I think simply because it’s a Nazi 1911!


From my poster company



CZ-75 pre-b transitional. This was a box of stripped parts when I bought it (Bubba couldn’t figure out how it went back together) so I tried my hand at Cerakote. Aside from needing better light I think it turned out well.



Finish favorite

Ha ha. You’re right. I’ll try to be less weird. Lol.


I like the gold cup that’s a really cool pistol! people are paying good money, big bucks for that cerakoted battle worn look!


Dont be spreading that chit, the libs will use it in the next election and say guns dont need people to kill people…and just so you know…I am holding you responsible if that happens.


Just add it to the list of things I get blamed for. :confused:


This is an older video, but it does have handguns, including the evil double tap .45acp, I hated that thing. and the Dan Wesson, which doesn’t get out often.


It’s just to small for the round, about 7/8" thick. After 4 rounds my hand would hurt so bad I didn’t want to shoot it anymore. Not to mention the 10 pound trigger pull made accuracy very hard.


Any Dan Wesson firearm is damn near a work of art.


It did turn out really well.

I am actually getting mine back soon (5 days from now). I had a pre-B, sold it, and now bought it back from the same guy. He hasn’t shot it except for one time after he bought it from me.

Will share pics when I get mine back. California makes you “cool off” or “cool down” for 10 days when buying a new gun…even when you have other guns… even if you are carrying one in the store when buying another…
California is the best and full of common sense.


“California is the best and full of common sense.”

*California is the be best and full of non sense.


Living in California is like living in a box of granola…
Anything that ain’t fruits and nuts is flakes.

Except of course for us few Californians here on Full30.


Here’s my 460. This was a forced upgrade after I sold my 454 to a buddy and he changed his mind on selling it back (we had an “agreement”).