Handgun Picture Thread



I have that same gun! Love it!

When I take it to the indoor gun range, they make me go to the rifle range. Then, they complain about me shaking their cameras when I shoot. Have you ever let someone else shoot yours? That is how you get to experience the wind blowback from shooting the gun (with full .460 rounds). You have to be standing behind and slightly off to the side of the shooter to experience the wind.

This is one of the best handguns in the world for recoil therapy. Can also take down anything in North America. Sweet!


Picked this up today, Taurus judge ultra light $200,


I take it thats not your ccw?


no it’s not my concealed carry LOL I was out groundhog hunting today and stopped at a mom-and-pop gun store. it’ll be a shits* and giggles and maybe nightstands gun


That’s a score for sure!


That things a beast, what exactly is it chambered in?


45 long colt & 410 shotshell/slug. Possibly 45 acp w/ moon clips, have to research that a little further though


Moon clips are great, really speeds up the Reload for revolvers.



I had the Taurus Judge stainless steel with 2.5 inch cylinder and 4 inch barrel (weighing 36 ounces), and loved it. Unfortunately, that was years ago when it was hard to find .410 ammo for defense in the 2.5 inch length. So, I traded it to buy my Taurus Raging Judge (3 inch cylinder, 3 inch barrel), and never had that problem again. And, the recoil on my Raging Judge is a joke (basically, like a .22 lr). The 60 ounce weight tames everything I feed it except for the .454 Casull, which is still tolerable in it.

The 36 ounce Judge had very modest recoil. How is the Judge Ultra Light? Have you fired it/one yet - is the recoil ok? Did you consider the non-light versions of the Judge?


I did fire it today, recoil isn’t bad.my buddy has the regular version, I shot it & didn’t notice much difference in recoil.the soft rubber grip seems to eat up a lot of the recoil.



Do you know what the weight of your Taurus Judge is?

My Bond Arms Snake Slayer with 4.25 inch barrel weighs just over 23 ounces, has some kick, but not bad (does not hurt). I am guessing your Judge weighs more.

Still, if you ever see the 4 inch barrel version of the Judge, it is worth considering…


@JohnB I will have to weigh it. I know it’s lighter than my 1911s & m&p 2.0 full sze


The ultra light judge (2 1/2" cylinder, 3" barrel) unloaded weighs approximately 22oz. Loaded approximately 25.5oz.(with shotshells,not 45 long colt)



Wow. That is light for such a gun. Still, only an ounce+ lighter than my Bond Arms Derringer. So, should be ok.



All cleaned up and gorgeous! I need a few more of these pistols sooner rather than later. :sunglasses:


My EMP which I use as my carry gun and my Baer 45.


Oooh I like those brother.


Mister_Torgue, Mongo:

Yeah, you, me, and about everyone else, likes them (too).


That bottom one is super sexy.


So I don’t usually buy reproductions, but this Uberti Cattleman came to me with a set of reloading dies and leather belt/holster at a price I couldn’t pass up some years back. I’m impressed with the case hardened finish and bluing. Chambered in .45 Long Colt of course.

Edit: @LonewolfMcQuade I don’t know why this replied to you but my phone decided that that’s what it wanted to do.