Handgun Picture Thread


Thought I’d share the 1911 that started my obsession. Visited the wife’s family today and snuck out the 1911 for a glamour shot. Damn, I love this thing. Not bad for a 105 year old girl. I want this thing so bad it kills me.

I temporarily forgot it was an US Army and not a USN, so I think I need to go correct some recent posts either here or on another forum I made where I misidentified it.




Sweet. Like reaching out and touching history.


Nice, was it in any wars?


WWI, unsure about WWII. I don’t know how long their uncle served.


There any chance you could get some pics of the chamber and bore?


Have you ever been allowed to fire it? Not sure if your family treats it like an heirloom (that it is) or a shooter. I’d bet it’s still as reliable as ever.


Next time we make it out there I’ll try to get more pics. I do know I’m pretty damn accurate with it so the chamber and bore have to be pretty good.

Let me put it to you this way, I’ve personally fired probably about ~500 rounds through it myself. I learned how to shoot with it. While it’s a shooter it’s also well taken care of. My wife loves shooting it too.

It does rattle a bit! Doesn’t seem to affect accuracy much if at all.


I just found this in a drawer. I carried this back before I retired to carry digital files at work. Got a few questionable looks from some folks. They weren’t sure if they should be worried or not.
Might not be CA legal cuz it’s got a 16GB mag. Might be a 10GB limit here.


Well I went and did something childish today. I went in to a gun store take a look at some CZ clone and RIA 1911 auto loaders and also to see if the place had a Mosin carbine.

Ummm, so, I said fuck it walked out with one of these in .45 LC because I’m such a child and wanna be a cowboy. :cowboy_hat_face: Yea, wheelgun for the win. The wife loved it too–which means I’ll have to get another one if she takes this like she did my AR. Haha! I’m a lucky man.


I’ll take a picture of it in the usual place when I get home.

Anyone buy from classic firearms?

Here it is! Sorry the lighting sucks.


Very nice. Who is the manufacturer? Pietta?

Edit: Nevermind. I read the box that is clearly labeled.


I cannot wait to take it to the range. Never shot a .45 LC before. I’m assuming less recoil than .44 mag but more than .357 mag?

I also cannot determine if it’s rated for
+P. The not-so-knowledgible dude at the counter said yes but I don’t think it is.


I do want some smoky powder! :smiley:


@Mister_Torgue how much does that revolver weigh?


Says 35 ounces. :slight_smile:


definitely not +P rated, then

you would need at least another 10 ounces of weight (in most cases), for it to be +P rated in .45 long colt

and please note: not all .45 long colts that are capable of handling +P ammo, have the designation on the barrel. For example: the BFR .45/.410 can easily handle the +P ammo, but (at least on mine), it does not say that. Mine is the 5+ inch barrel and it weighs 60 ounces. You see the big difference between the weight of your SA revolver, Mister_Torgue, and my BFR?

Basically, an easy way to remember it is that if the gun weighs as much as a .44 mag handgun of same size, then it (most likely) can handle the +P. For a handgun the size of yours, it would need to weigh at least 45 ounces (or more), to be +P safe.


think of it this way: .45 long colt +P is roughly the same power as a .44 magnum. Thus, you want the same weight to handle the load. Gotta love all that extra metal (at least for the powerful loads in +P).


Makes sense.

So, what is some smokey powder I could use? :wink:


sorry, don’t know - I only shoot factory ammo and I don’t do reloads.

but best of luck to you on that, Mister_Torgue.