Handgun shooting tips


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+1 Paul Harrell’s videos are fantastic.

Trigger control for sure is important. The worst was my Kel-Tec PMR-30 that I recently sold, it was so light even the slightest incorrect trigger control / squeeze / anticipation threw those rounds way off.

I also found out today I need much more practice with my Makarov, its trigger is super light and I ended up double firing a few times trying to play with the trigger reset. I couldn’t really find it. I had to let the trigger fully forward in order to get good follow up shots.


Amen on the “trigger control” learning-curve between different firearms! When I switched my EDC from a 1938 vintage snubnose revolver to a Glock43 ---- Two totally different beasts!
Grip goes hand-in-hand in my case, (and I’m sure, other shooters) that maintaining grip on a gun that’s smaller than your hand is a real PIA sometimes.
During dry-fire practice, I can see in a tense situation, that I need far more dry-fire time, as my grip has come across the back of the slide, and even finger in front of muzzle during tense, rapid sight acquisition draws.
After all, it would not be good to loose fingers when called-upon to draw/fire it… I surely need LOTS more dry-fire sessions (I never practice with live ammo, even when by myself), lest I ‘draw-back a nub’.


I have a video I did on improving your trigger control, but it’s on YouPuke, and I refuse to share links to them. I’m moving it now and will post it up when it’s done. I’ve helped a lot of people. Might work for you, might not.




Most important tip is to shoot, shoot, and shoot some more, but seriously tho balance a coin on the front sight if possible and practice that trigger control. grip will come with trial and error you’ll find what works for you.


Good stuff! I’m going to try the coin trick. I can tell you I never thought about the finger positioning…that just might be my issue?


Here, to help out I covered this on my podcast today. Let me know if this helps.


Unload your firearm. Pick a spot on the wall, thermostat, picture. Stare at the front sight only. Start to make large circles getting smaller every few minutes until your just still on target, and still staring only at the front sight. Then go counter clockwise starting with large circles down to small. Go slow this exercise should last ten minutes each direction. Also practice with your rifle in the same manner.
I promise you will love the results.


I’ve heard of this technique. My Star’s gonna get heavy after a few minutes. Haha. :rofl:


It will work the muscles in your arm isometricly. Just do it for 2 minutes and work your way up.


This is a good video from Frank Proctor, he is one of the best shooters out there. Besides his SF background he is a grand master in USPSA and a professional 3 gunner. I think he has a high ranking in IDPA too, all around A Jerry Miculek level shooter.