Happiness is a nice rack!


Dieing for hunting season to roll around again! I love to varmint hunt, but live for whitetail!



How do you turn around in that room without gouging an eye out?


Lol, it’s about14 ft × 19ft wide room ,it’s not as small as it looks. I have about 20 more racks on plaques hanging on the other half of the room.


The visuals bring to mind,…don’t forget to double tap. :yum:




I’ve got two more coming at a later time… :slightly_smiling_face:


Great bucks! That 1 looks to have some decent tine length!


17pt - 175 6/8" non-typical, dressed out 235lbs. 40yrds, w/ bow. You definitely have some great bucks!


Wow! Thats a big boy!



Hugh body!


Yeah, took both my brother and I all our strength to get’em up into the back of the pickup that night.


Definitely impressive! Me buck fever is kickin in early this year!


I hear ya! lmao!!! 59 days & counting. Can’t get here soon enough. :yum: