Happiness is a nice rack!


Dieing for hunting season to roll around again! I love to varmint hunt, but live for whitetail!


careful, I hear the white tail are learning to hunt back


That is a fine looking whitetail! Looks worth mounting…:wink:



How do you turn around in that room without gouging an eye out?


Lol, it’s about14 ft × 19ft wide room ,it’s not as small as it looks. I have about 20 more racks on plaques hanging on the other half of the room.


I hate to quote myself but you guys aren’t learning…

Their using those nice racks to lure you in and for the sake of stealth using bows/arrows

They’l even use your favorite bourbon as additional bait to get you near their camp

You’ll never suspect some of them at all

Their even going out in groups