Happy birthday


To my daughter Rylee. She’s 15 today. I gave her her Sig Scorpion this morning.
She made me proud. First thing she did when she took it out of the case was clear it and look in the chamber. :sunglasses::partying_face:


Brings a tear to yer eye, don’t it. :blush:






They grow up so fast


Ok, we need an android app for this site. I get some really weird results using my phone


If she’s like her dad, she will get older but never grow up. :crazy_face:


What did you say?


Same thing but it replied to you instead of Gunarchy. It was weird :confused:


Ok. :+1:


weird is an understatement


I’m not sure how to take that. Hahahaha


pics or it didnt happen!


When she started opening her present, she realized right away it was a 1911. Once she actually opened the box and saw it was a Sig Scorpion, she did a big gasp like she just won the lottery. :sunglasses::grin:




Man that’s great!
I bet it was killing you knowing how long you where waiting to give the gift!!!


Yeah, it’s a good thing she didn’t push it. I’m ready to hit the range!