Happy father's day!


Hope everyone’s enjoying their day today!


Happy Father’s Day gentlemen!


Agreed. Hope all the fathers here have a great day.


@mquinn55, where’s the donuts, I don’t see any donuts!


I havnt had the best fathers day, fucking fuck…back to my bottle of Jameson…


Sorry to hear that brother…


@jf89, here’s some :sparkling_heart: for you! Sending some positive Mojo your way dude, I don’t like to see nobody down on Father’s Day.


So this my ( currently ) youngest great-grandkid, Chase (Great Granddaughter coming in August) Running around with his toy gun going “pew-pew”. I’ll teach him a proper grip and sight picture soon enough. Right now it just does my heart good.


Thats awesome! Im still waiting on grandkids, spoil them rotten & send them home all wired up! Payback lol @mquinn55