Happy Freedom Tax Day

OK, so I’m two days late, but better late than never, which is where we are headed.
Isn’t it fun and exciting to know that all the money you have made so far this year is only going towards your taxes? But hey, there’s good news. From this day forward, the rest of the money you earn is supposedly yours to keep.
This day will be different depending on where you live. For those of you in CA and WA, sorry, not your day yet. Keep working you slaves. New York and Connecticut, you have to wait till May before you’ve paid off your debt.
Scroll down to see the map.


April is just the starting point.

Then, with deficit inclusion (this is not optional, so why bother leaving it out?), it goes to May 8th.

Then, factor in tax effects by state and then you are getting the full effect. Regardless, way too much in taxes being paid to the government!