Happy Leap Year Day by the way.

Completely slipped my mind that this is leap year until I saw the 29 on my phone.


Happy leap day!


Will we be here next year?

If so, how many of us regulars…?


If the site is still here I will be


I’ll still be here, sorry to ruin the next 4 years for ya :radioactive:


Hope everyone spent their leap year day productively and didn’t waste it goofing off. :grin:


Today is a friend’s birthday. She claims to only be 12.


If youre smart, you’ll go with her math… :joy:


That’s just good life extension advice. Best case scenario – it’s one less insurance claim you have to make.


I went to Costco and Walmart to bolster my short-term supplies. I’m have a decent supply of long-term survival goods, but I needed a few other little things. I purchased things like extra toothpaste, cold medications, allergy meds for the upcoming pollen season, some extra canned/dry goods, and other related items.

Now I am free to goof off today. :grinning:

On a side note, the Costco greeters were sanitizing every shopping cart upon entry. :+1:


Now if we can get the restaurants to do that with the condiment bottles


Back in the days of glass catsup bottles, I saw a kid, about 10 years old, put ketchup on his food and lick the bottle before putting the lid back on it. I have not used restaurant condiments since.then.
To be fair, I don’t use condiments much anyway.


Humans are seriously greasy.
And they come in a wide variety of sanitary and unsanitary manners.
Don’t get me wrong, I still love the little monkeys.

Read no further if you are currently eating.

Part of my job is to prepare food for the public.
I have seen things that are seriously gross.

  1. Blows nose at dining table and places hanky on table and no hand washing after.
  2. Touching donuts, scones, muffins on buffet and putting them back. (This riles me because I work really damn hard on them and if I see that, throw my work away.)
  3. Bare feet on tables in public space.
  4. Hats, balaclavas on tables meant for eating.
  5. Grabbing food out of buffet with fingers instead of the serving utensils I provide.
  6. Putting said utensils back into the food at buffet after dropping them on floor. (I again have to throw the whole dish of food away if I see this.)
  7. Using silverware to pick at feet, fingernails, and… other parts of body.

I wont go into the bathroom stuff except to say; Many of our guests in the fall can hit an Elk at 300 yards but not a urinal or toilet at 1 foot.

And I am not really a hypochondriac.
I am a mechanic/plumber.
But since doing this part of my job, I wear gloves and walk around with a spray bottle of mild bleach solution.
Wiping their finger prints from everything I can.

It has been an eye opener.
But I can see how disease spreads very easily in public places.
It is not that people are intentionally doing things to be gross.
They just aren’t even aware they are doing them.
Germs are invisible.
I can’t see them either.
I just chase down everything they touch, or that I think they may touch often.

As for the airbourne threat; not much i can do beyond spraying lysol around the room (nobody present, and changing out hvac filters and vacuuming the air duct wells.

This is why I think it is inevitable the coronavirus will go worldwide.
I work with the public and see their ways.

To bring the thread back to relevance;
This is how I spent my leap day.