Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday Stuff

It has been a minute fellas!! Just been super busy, that time of year and all. For most guntubers things start to pick up in Sept/Oct through at least SHOT in January.
Anyway, wanted to stop by for 2 reasons, first to wish everyone a very blessed and happy needless turkey murder day. I hope you all get some quality time with family and friends.
Second, I wanted to share my blog post that i created Monday where i have been steadily adding some Black Friday and Cyber Monday week deals. This list will continue to update through next week, so if you are interested, keep a regular eye on it. Now, being a straight up shill, obviously some of the links are affilaite BUT not all, in fact i would say easily half are not, maybe more, this isn’t JUST about maybe getting a little cut, it is also about sharing deals that might save folks some money, inflation si definitely a thing after all.


It is a great list of deals. I got your email and have shared it to several others already. I was hoping for the FGMM 308 from Global Ordnance. It is either already OOS or a Friday deal. I haven’t seen sub $20 on a box of that in more than 5 years.


yup, that was a great price and sadly i think it is out of stock because pretty sure it had an add to cart when i added it to the list. that said, worth keeping and eye on through Monday for sure


Spent my black Friday money on motorcycle parts.
Only have 3 months to get it going for the summer.