Hard use AR15 build

I am curious on what modifications would you do and what parts would you use if you had to build an AR15 with durability being the main goal?

Something that would be built to endure punishment.

Whats parts would you use and what small “tricks of the trade” would you do to get this rifle to that level?

I am talking about DI guns , mainly but also, what piston AR would you use and what modifications would you do to the rifle?

Barrels, gas blocks/tubes, BCGs/bolts, Buffer set ups, triggers, LPKs , handgaurds, etc etc

@switchpod @RogueGunnWorks @RetPara and anybody else experienced with ARs chime in.



BCG/bolt: LWRC or LMT enhanced

Barrel: HK (unobtainable) , Noveske double chrome or LWRC.

Handgaurd: Monolithic , Aero Precision or LWRC propriatary stuff

Trigger: no idea (Geiselle, Larue MBT or Nickle boron coated mil spec trigger maybe?)

Gas tube: Spikes melonite gas tubes

Buffers: no idea (A5 or rifle set up maybe?)

Lower Parts Kit: LWRC (by far, imo)

I dont know much about piston guns and couldnt even guess who makes the most “bomb proof” design".


Oh boy… you nailed it quite a bit!


Spikes T-3 buffer is a must… slow things down a bit.
Let’s say you started with an LWRC…
I would add a POF muzzle brake.
Battle Arms development ambi safety… run the LWRC hammer but switch to a Mega Arms trigger bow. KNS anti rotation pins, but this means mods to the ambi magazine release.


Run the O-Kay mags…
New ones with the magpul anti tilt followers.
I would be on the fence with the main spring… maybe a Spikes micro polished spring. But that’s a maybe…


What exactly is this? Do you have any experience with the A5?


While I have never had a LWRC charge handle fail… the Radian Arms is… awesome…
If you do not run the LWRC lower… the LMT ambi lower would be right there…


Just got home from work so this will not be all inclusive but my top concerns for a hard use AR.

  1. Pinned gas block. BCM, DD, BA, any quality manufacturer.
  2. BCG would be again quality. BCM, DD, LMT. Stay with mil-spec IMO for easier parts replacement.
  3. Trigger wise Geissele is my go-to trigger.
  4. For a true hard use barrel then my vote is chrome lined with nitride a close second. Hammer forged if you are willing to part with the money. Personally I’m a big fan of BCM, BA and for precision work WOA.
    5.Hand guards for me is either BCM or Geissele.
  5. LPK, again quality. BCM, Geissele, DD, etc…

Concerning magazines, I’m a big fan of O-kay’s new mags. Also like Lancers quite a bit. Magpul is fine, use them frequently but prefer the Lancer’s over them.

Charging handle wise I really like BCM and Geissele offerings. Radian has a solid rep but never have used one.

This is a subject that can really get into the weeds and boils down to a lot of personal user preference.


why only one.?


16” Barrel CHF,1-8 twist, material- 4150 steel with chrome moly vanadium. 11 degree crown. Wylde chamber specification.
Profile gunners, heavy fluting and granite blasted 250 “grit”.
Hard chrome bore and chamber. Nitride exterior. Controlled cryogenic freezing process to remove international stress after machining. Before test fire and break in interior of barrel treated with a dry patch swabbing followed by a patch sprayed with dry Tungsten Disulfide for break in purpose.
Gas port diameter .076” mid length .750 barrel diameter at gas block.
Standard A2 flash hider.
3” long fluted 7075-T6 barrel nut. Hard coat anodized “mil” 8625-F type3, class 2.
Pinned x2 raised gas block 4150 same as barrel. All roll pins removed and replaced with solid interference fit pins at least .020” over bore size, and hard chrome finish.
Straight inconel v7 gas tube. “Straight tube, No bend”.
POF dovetail rail.
Both upper and lower 7075-T6 aluminum forgings, EDM magazine well cut out “no broaching”.
Giessele trigger. Pick a type you like- single/ double stage.
8620 steel bolt carrier hard chrome inside and out. Standard hard chrome firing pin.
158 carpenter steel hard chrome bolt. 5 coil extractor spring with plug and donut.
Rounded edges on all 7 lugs.
One piece has ring. Standard cam pin.
4150 steel gas key. Knurled grade 8 fasteners with red lock tite. Deep staking on gas key bolts.
Voltor charging handle.
7075-T6 buffer tube, mil anodizing. H3 Buffer weight. Triple wound buffer spring, standard weight.
Only ammunition being used is 69 grain OTM SMKBT 5.56“nato spec” produced by IMI.
Magazine- E-Lander. In all honesty it can be D&H, Mag-Pul, or Lancer. Really … the sky is the limit with quality magazines.

I hope this is somewhat of an answer you where looking for @Caw.
Everyone else’s reply’s are good too!


Good answer! :+1:


Never heard of these guys.


They supply mags to the U.S military. Some of the best metal mags you can use IMHO.

With a hard duty use type AR the options are really too numerous. Much of it is user preference too. In my case I’m a big fan of BCM, BA and Geissele. All my builds use components from these folks. Now some things I believe are a must with a hard use AR. Pinned gas blocks are one of them. Barrel material is the other. Minimum 4150 CMV with a chrome lined or nitride barrel or 416 SS. Wylde chamber is definitely the way to go, the best combo of accuracy and reliability.

Finally, compatibility of replacement parts. Parts break and you don’t want to have a rifle that requires propriety components IMHO.

Peace out Bro.


Makes sense, do you run a standard buffer set up on your SPR?


The buffer and spring is a standard mil-spec set from BCM. The rifle runs flawless. I only feed it quality brass ammo, mostly IMI 77s, and have never had a issue with it.


Im getting ready to put a BCM buffer kit on my SOLGW rifle.


Don’t forget to NP3+ coat all internals and ceracoteall external if want ruggedness and don’t mind color. F it NP3+ the entire thing.

Handguard PRI.
If going for shear reliability and longevity 18+ inch barrel with rifle length gas system.