Hardened arms

Has anyone heard anything about hardened Arms? Their web site and facebook page are gone. Youtube channel has no videos. Their twitter and instagram pages are still up. I saw on reddit posted two days ago that no one is answering the phones. All I’ve heard so far is the ATF paid them a visit.


I have never heard of them


I have two of their uppers, a 5.56 nato and a 300 blackout.

Did you ever find out what happened?

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One person said he heard they shut down because of low sales and might open under a different name. But that’s it.

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low sales? Wow. Hard to imagine that at a time like this. I had never heard of them so…I’m feeling guilty now.


It is low sales across the board. I hardly sell firearms at all and I am 15% over cost for walk in.
Lost of companies have folded and others are on the brink. There is a flood of AR builders and only the best will survive it. Obummer was the best thing for firearms sales and yet… with our freedoms really being threatened no one seems to be really caring.


Now this is an extremely honest and accurate statement.
I literally just got done sending out e-mails to my state congress members. Calling too during my lunch hour to state my opposition on the current anti-gun bill’s.

Remember “it’s always darkest before the dawn”
-Thomas fuller.


The Internet is hostile territory for any firearms or even a site that deals with anything that goes on a firearm.


This comes from all the gun companies that went “All IN!” before the last presidential election - and everyone just KNEW that Hittlery was gonna win…

So many companies went SO DEEP in loans, in order to buy everything that they could, just to “stock up” before that election - because THAT election was the End Of Days for gun ownership. We know it. HAD she won - we wouldn’t even be here right now talking about this on a Gun-Board - they’da been banned. Along with all guns, of any type.

So, all these companies went ballz-deep in lending - knowing they’d be quadrabillionaires after the polls were counted - and they now owned (borrowed) all the brand new “pre-ban” guns for the next ban.

That went south, when Trump kicked her ass. But what DIDN’T go south was the massive - and I mean MASSIVE - credit lines that all these big and small companies took out…

That Big Hittlery Pre-Ban Payday didn’t pan out. Not at all.

I was into this discussion bigtime with my local Gun Pusher - told him not to do it. Don’t go big, don’t take out masive loans… Just don’t do it. You risk everything, hedging on her getting in - and you risk living in my spare bedroom, paying me rent, if she doesn’t. It’s not worth it. Stop counting on her, and trust your gut (my gut).

You know why we are seeing sooooo many crazy low prices on compontents, parts, guns, all that? All those companies that took out those massive-ass loans, hedging on Pres Hittlery have to make payments on those loans now. Rock bottom prices for us - sucks for them, that gambled on the wrong outcome. Trump wins- we win - bigger companies that betted against that are losing, and still need to make payments on those loans.

Call me crazy - I studied this before it all went down. Research it… Follow the money…


Yep… and that’s why I am still in business! Hahahhahaha


Never over extended yourself is always a good motto.

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Yep. I grow my business, which is small only as much as I can afford. I’ve grown and sold several business without taking out any loans, other than one time where I purchased a commercial building.

Just a repeat of history?
Dewy vs Truman.
For those too young to know.
The very morning the votes were supposedly counted, the newspaper headlines claimed Dewey had won.
But actually it was Truman who won.