Hardening Full30 Against Protests


2A Friendly DNS:
When Full30 picks up steam, and if the anti-gunners want to come for us, they may go after your domain hosting provider. I don’t agree with their message, but it was in the news that it happened to one of those neo-nazi websites after the events in Charlton. It brought to light that domain hosting is another vector of attack for the antis. It would be good if you could validate ahead of time that the host of full30.com won’t cave to pressure.


Good point. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on any action being taken in that direction.


An excellent point regarding DNS. Another point to consider is: What sort of controls and safeguards are there against unauthorized disclosure of user data. Are passwords hashed with an appropriate hashing formula and are they salted (random bit of data added to the hash)?Is there a DLP solution in place? Are there any safeguards against DDoS attacks such as load balancers, DDoS protection subscription, etc? Are there any Web Application Firewalls to safeguard against attacks on the website? It is best to think about these questions now before an actual security incident happens which could disrupt Full30’s ability to be on top of the online video content websites.


A decent article talking about the threat to content availability via DNS:


With the gates about to open, are we all ready?


I think not. Initial members joining need to go through introductions thread before being allowed into the general population! Otherwise you are inviting in potential problems!