Has the NRA committed Suicide?


As a life member of the NRA, it is sad to hear to such things about them.

I really hope that they can recover and get their act together.


No more coffee?

So, the main gun lobby is going down…

More writing on the wall IMO

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I certainly hope that if the NRA is doomed to the trashbin of history, that all their members rapidly shift their support to the GOA, or gun rights in the USA are going to fall fast.

Personally I hope this is the impetus for a massive overhaul of the organization…I’m just not the optimistic type, so I wouldn’t bank on it.


problem with an overhaul is who over see this action? The government who clearly doesn’t want any gun advocate groups? I am not a NRA member. Personal reasons so I want discuss them. But this groups has done some good in the past. I don’t think they are all bad. I just don’t like the idea of a government association ruling the overhaul


No, the overhaul would have to be done from within…don’t want government involved. At this point everyone should know the government can’t fix anything…only mess it up more.
The members at some level would need to step up and take control.


The NRA has lost sight of its own constituents.
Comanchero45 is correct in that it must be done within.
It also needs to look at itself and publicly admit where it was wrong along with the steps to be taken to correct this.
Not supplying coffee and such items is who gives a shit subjects.
The fact the higher ups are borrowing to pay themselves (If true) is an atrocity.
However we need to also look at where this information is coming from.
New Yorker???
Not a reliable source of info.
New York State?
A Liberal haven.
Lets see where this goes.

The NRA does need to get back to its roots and clean house and replace the rubber spined shits making decisions they have recently.
I do not want to see the NRA go away, but the decisions they have made in the recent years make me question whose side they are on.

I support GOA for these reasons and not the NRA.


The good that the NRA does is the training and safety work they do. That remains good.

As a political lobbying group they became powerful and that power became a draw to people seeking power within the org. No longer an organization of regular people it’s become like a government itself with corrupt “politicians” at the top. Power corrupts.
If they lose their tax exempt status I don’t see how they can survive.

Donations are dropping because their focus has shifted from defending the 2A to becoming a political beast. The shift is due to the political greed of the higher ups. If the membership continued to donate money nothing would change. They need to come to the brink of starvation to force the change from within. Yet without dying.
But starvation makes them weak and the anti gun vultures are circling.


They let too many people & companies/services in that did not have the Second Amendment best interest and beliefs. All affiliations doing business on behalf and for the NRA should have been vetted to be pro-gun in the first place and were not.


The foundation side does alot of good work but members control most of what is done there. And remember they have been on the front lines in the spread of concealed carry laws . I agree we need to get rid of the polititions.


The problem with the NRA - Not Really Activists - is for decades there has been massive internal corruption at the very top where the executive positions are outrageously overcompensated and vendors / partners like AckMac have incestuous financial and employment relationships that violate basic norms of conflict of interest, double dipping, and other financial crimes. Reformers like Neal Knox and his son have been sounding the alarm for decades, but the fudds who make up the bulk of NRA membership are willingly ignorant and blindly assume that the top leaders can do no wrong. Because of these relationships between profit businesses that interact at the highest levels with the nonprofit NRA organization, NRA members are being blatantly fleeced and nonprofit laws are being violated six ways to Sunday.

The current predicament of the NRA, starting with being technically insolvent for the last several years and climaxing in the massive ligh-level corruption is something that is no surprise to those of us who are critics of the NRA, who were once members but never again. All this has been long in the making, entirely avoidable, absolutely unnecessary and insanely ridiculous. Even IF the NRA somehow survives this present crisis, they have already lost their credibility, trustworthiness, and respect of hardcore gun rights activists such as myself. I used to be an NRA life member, but back when GW Bush was President and the NRA started pushing antigun legislation that they billed as being pro-gun, that was the last straw for me and I demanded that not only my life membership be terminated, but that the NRA cease from all fundraising contacts with me by mail or phone.

To be blunt, the 2nd Amendment will honestly be stronger if the NRA simply ceases to be and that gun rights organizations be separate from any gun safety/education/training groups. Leave 2A activism for GOA, FPC, CCRKBA, etc. But gun owners need to step it up and be members of groups like GOA not in the millions, but tens of millions!! If you’re going to own a gun, you should be contributing to the defense of the Right.


When I first became a member of the NRA about 8 years ago, I owned 2 guns. I only became a member because my grandfather was a life member so I thought “Well, if it’s good enough for my granddad, it must be good” so I joined. I wasn’t in the gun culture scene so didn’t hear anything bad about them. Just joined and figured they were fighting for me and never gave it another thought.

Now that I am reading more and getting more active and seeing what is going on, the last membership renewal I got a month ago from them, I returned the renewal/payment notice with a strongly worded note written on it. Can’t remember what I wrote but told them that the GOA was getting my money from this point forward. I was already a GOA member at this point along with a few other groups.

I imagine there are many members like me who aren’t “in the know” like I was. Hell, just two days ago, my own daughter did not know what MAGA was. Yes, you heard that right. MY DAUGHTER. She is heading to CA to visit her sister and saw my MAGA hat that I am making and she asked to borrow it and asked what it said. I told her. She was clueless. I had to explain what might happen to her if she wore it to CA. I was just suprised that a child of mine did not know what MAGA is and had never heard of it. She will be 28 years old today. :anguished:


Greed and apathy.
Same as the country.
Your “representatives” only want to stay in power because they live like kings on our back$

They can be voted out but most don’t vote- just bitch.
Sooooooooo… you get the same old shit doing the same old shit.

Maybe I’ll start a Felon 101 class to prep law abiding hard working honest taxpayers for the future laws and enforcement against us.
Me? I’m a felon 100 times over in a state like NJ.
Why my residence is Florida- for now- I think Florida will fall this or next election.


I’m going to hurl if Florida falls. I renew the NRA year by year but each year is harder. Going to go with GOA next cycle but may keep NRA too. Don’t like it but maybe the big dog can be brought back , at least until the other little dogs get bigger. Just a thought but I’m and optimist. All that horse shit , has to be a pony in there somewhere.



Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Best of luck on the MAGA hat and explanation to your daughter.


@Festus I honestly hope you’ll think twice about what you said about the NRA. I have come to the conclusion that unless they lose their charter, unless gun owners stop sending them $$$, they will continue to mismanage that money and continue to stab us all in the back, Negotiate Rights Away, and subvert the Bill of Rights for profit.

Let some new gun group take up the mantle of gun education, and let the many gun owners who have looked for a champion to defend our Rights look to GOA, FPC, and JPFO.

Oh, and Florida/Texas are the conservative lynchpins. If the Commiecrats can steal enough votes there, if they can fraudulently get enough illegal aliens past the elections officials there, we will lose those states forever like NY and Commiefornia and we will never see a GOP America ever again, EVER. At that point, only a civil war and the elimination of all the commies from America will we ever have a chance of saving the country. If not, we will end up looking like Venezuela and Europe; dirt poor, crashed economy, and radical muslims flooding in and killing everyone who’s not like them.


And the demonrats are filling those states with scumbags as fast as they can.
Fl almost elected a corrupt POS governor. Georgia too.
The filth out breed the responsible people. Ever see a dnc cities cancer of crime violence and murder shrink?
This pile of monkey shit almost won Georgia.


I will definitely support the others and you make a good point about the NRA being enabled to keep up the same ole behavior. Just redirecting the funds to GOA will make a difference.


It’s really easy to tell when the NRA has royally f***** up! That’s when you will see Wayne LaPierre on TV telling you they need your money right now, more than ever! What they don’t tell you is because Wayne got paid 8 million dollars last year so that he could keep the upkeep on his Bahamas home up to Snuff


Do you see the GOA ever passing the NRA?