Have you ever been "made" when CCWing?

I want to hear stories we can learn from and prefer not just yes or no. :smiley:

I claim to have been “made” twice, but you decide. I want it to be known that I prefer to stay well under the radar. I can’t be too invisible or forgettable.

There was a time when my EDC was a 3" 1911 in a Maxpedition Fatboy. The gun was where it was supposed to be in it’s separate pocket (invisible) but the 2 spare mags were in plain sight but covered up. The Fatboy was in the child seat as it almost always is when we need a cart. We were in the supermarket and someone I knew from shooting spied the mags. He said, “I know what those are. But I’m not saying anything.”. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway since I was legal.

The second time was at the same supermarket and as we were exiting someone mentioned, “Do you know that pack can carry a gun?”, to which I responded, “How about that?”. He looked at me strangely and we both went about our separate ways. At the time I was carrying what I do today, a M&P 9C with one up the spout, mag in the gun, and a bigger mag (with an extension) in the mag pocket (40 rounds total), the spare is clearly visible but the extension is painted OD to match the pack, so for the masses it’s invisible. If it’s seen it just looks like a box. Since changing to the double stack mag no one has noticed it, or if they have haven’t said anything.

That’s as close as I’ve come and I carry everywhere. Sure there are times when I carry on body but mostly that’s the SIG p938 and only for “dress” occasions where the pack would be out of place. Mostly my CCW gun is in the Fatboy since it works if it’s -20°F and I’m wearing a parka, or if I’m in sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt. Once I did have a guy carrying a purse, really, a purse, who (reading his face) looked as though he was going to say something about my OD slung pack mistaking it for a purse I assume, but then thought better of it. I think he astutely figured out that I wasn’t his type. One doesn’t have that problem when carrying on body.

Whoops, one more. I had forgotten. A bunch of us got together to discuss gun stuff in a public meeting that anyone could show up for. Someone I knew was there and decided to not so stealthily bump into me when I was carrying on body in a OTB holster, to determine if I was carrying. Like I wrote it wasn’t subtle and the reason was obvious. I said nothing and he said nothing but my hips aren’t that pointed or hard. I couldn’t deflect the probe since it came from my rear.


As far as I know, no one has ever noticed, well, they never said anything. I put no effort into hiding it. I suspect most people see my cane and fail to look past it.


Nah, I just tell em i’m well hung.:grin:

which is a lie.:frowning_face:


I have never had anyone say anything about me carrying . But if someone tried to probe me from the rear or front the gun would have come out!


Assuming we’re discussing handguns… In my case I knew that the gent “knew” I carried once I was positive who it was (I knew he was standing there). I think he was just making sure. In Maine taking it out of the holster under that circumstance would be severely frowned on and would probably mean a revocation of the permit if reported. I’m not 100% positive but it would probably be called brandishing since it would be in my hand and not actually used*. Bumping someone isn’t a deadly threat and that’s the only time deadly force can be displayed, right before it’s employed. Back then we had permits as the only means to carry. Today it’s different, but a permit, which gives me certain allowances and reciprocity, can still be revoked. I don’t do anything to jeopardize it. The first rule of CCW is disengagement and not engagement.

*That’s another reason I carry off body. When the pack is in the child seat I can have it unzipped, my hand on it ready to draw it, and no one has a clue. Since it’s never seen or presented it can’t be called brandishing.


Not that I’m aware of, I carry more than 1 always. I posted a few options in a topic “Discrete Carry Options”

Here is a few other options


Had one in my ankle holster sitting in a chair and the tip was peeking out near my ankle and was seen, from then on if I’m ankle carrying i do an extra pants adjustment when I first sit so the tip is not sticking out. The guy who saw it just asked if i was carrying that day and I was caught so i just said yep. He seemed kind of impressed about it.


1981 ish Barry dropped his llama on the floor in the chinese joint on Mott St right in front of the water boy
Place went quite. Most staring at us.
Thought we better finish up and see if the NYPD were out front.
Not a one. HUGE sigh of relief as we all were heavy.

Must be a common occurrence there.


The only time I know I have been seen is when I have open carried. I don’t do it often, but if am in work clothes (business casual), I will carry open. I use an IWB holster for a Shield 45. Any shirt that is untucked will cover it.