Have you ever had to draw your weapon


Just as the title states

I have had to draw my weapon a few times
Once at the shop when a customer attempted to load a 12 gauge with shells from his pocket
After being warned by several of us to hand over the shotgun his adamant refusal and saying he was going to shoot one of us
4 of us drew our weapons and detained him till the police arrived to arrest him
Officers arrested the gentleman and he was in possession of over a 1000 dollars of crack that he had robbed from a street dealer and he had come to our shop to take a weapon to defend himself from the crack dealer
In court he admitted to the court his intention was to steal the shot gun and to harm any of us if we got in his way
He didn’t expect all of us to be armed and to actually draw on him


Ive had to pull mine several times, never had to use it though.


Not in public but I’ve walked outside armed to investigate after someone jiggled my front door handle. The person saw it and ran away. Not sure if that counts?


This counts for sure


In this Country or anywhere…had to introduce the end of a M249 barrel to a few Afghani’s who failed to realize the severity of their stupidity…


Once a guy with a pistol threatened me. I took it away from him and… convinced him that it was in poor judgment of him to assume I would let that happen. I unloaded the firearm and handed it back to him later after a long chat. He was apparently a marine that set up networking for computers.


Lol thats awesome and it definitely counts :+1:


Two times . Once traveling through Colorado I had a guy try to rob me at knife point at a gas station one look at my .357 changed his mind. The second time I was at home and a meth head came thru the door . He was very glad when the Sheriff showed up to take him away. No shots fired just looking down the barrel of a .45 ended it for him.


He didn’t expect the staff of a gun store to be armed?
Yet another proof that the stupid always get caught.


Thank you for your service


This was my initial thought
I almost laughed did you not think we were all armed


I was in a gun store up in Washington years ago thst hsd a sign that said “No loaded firearms allowed” that included staff lol I couldnt believe it.


Yeah… but I bet they were all armed anyway.
It’s just a sign. Not a law.


I can see that rule occasionally
It’s a good safety precaution that the insurance company sometimes insist upon

More and more we have issues
Visa was giving my boss a hard time about his transactions
He moved his entire banking business from BOA
To a credit union because BOA was going to close his business Accts due to his business practices were not compliant with BOA policy

Just another slap in the face from too big to fail crooks


I did just recently, but the potential bad guys didn’t know I had drawn it. Before that, I pulled a gun to stop a convenience store robbery in Kansas back in the early 1990’s. No shots were fired, the bad guy fled when he saw I was armed too.

The most recent one happened last week. I was sitting in a dark parking lot downtown in a run down part of my town, which really isn’t all that bad. My son was taking his drum lessons and I was sitting in the Jeep with the lights out surfing on my phone.

I noticed a college aged male across the ally from me staring me down. He was smoking but rarely broke eye contact with me. He just kept smoking and staring at me. Then he gets up, walks in the house he’s sitting behind and comes out with another college aged male. Now they’re both sitting, talking, smoking and staring at me while they talk among themselves. I have my window down at this point but can’t hear the conversation.

After about 10 minutes of this, they both get up and start walking straight at my Jeep. The first guy is staring me straight in the eyes as he approaches giving off that “tough guy” vibe. I pull my pistol from my appendix carry (he can’t see the movement) and place the weapon under my right leg. At this point I’m focused on his hands and temper and intent. I continue to stare straight at him, trying to convey to him I’m not the least bit intimidated by his actions.

He and his buddy get about one car length away from me, stop and the first guy looks at his buddy and laughs. He says something I can’t quite hear, but it was snarky. They both laugh and walk off. After I’m sure they’re gone, I place the weapon back in its holster and now I’m constantly watching the area around me until my son comes out. So much for surfing and killing time!

All is well that ends well. I try to stay focused on my surroundings and what’s going on. If I get a bad feeling, I never question it. I respond.


@MAC thank you Tim glad to see you here
Hope all is well
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I think Rob is coming out next week. If he does, I’ll chat with him while he is here and see if he will jump in and perhaps take an active role in the forum.


Thanks Tim
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Really? How dumb do you have to be to not expect the employees of a gun store to be armed?


Druggies do not usually make the best decisions.