Have you ever seen a pistol so bad... it kills a (once) reputable company?

The story and breakdown of this pistol is impressive - because it is that bad.

Forgotten Weapons takes a look at the function and history of this pistol…

And then takes it to the range for slow motion footage of malfunctions

I definitely recommend giving these videos a watch (and subscribing to the channel!) - it’s fascinating how bad it is.


Watched both videos and I gotta say if I had $200 lying around and one of these came up for sale…
I’d still have $200 lying around.

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You could buy a hi point with that money

Fortunately I’ve only had one lousy gun so far.
Equally unfortunately the company that sold it is still selling them.
That’s probably mostly due to all the raving reviews from the gun magazines.
But those of us who know how crappy they are won’t be buying from that particular company again.
It’s also notable that the other sources for the gun no longer offer them for retail sales.
Although it’s hard to say the reason some of those companies are no longer in business is directly due to this particular imported pistol.
Some people have a conscious and some don’t.

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Is it hi point? I dont buy hi points, I had a bad one, used pistols of higher quality can be had for $300ish so its really not worth it.

Anyone can make a bad gun now and then.
The gun I was describing actually worked great for 500 rounds, before revealing its true nature.
No, not a Hi-Point.
Most of theirs seem to run ok.
I would have gratefully traded it for a Hi-Point.

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