Heavier or lighter bullets for long range?

I picked up a Remington 700 SPS in .308 with a 1in10 twist, 26" barell and have been shooting 168 grain BTHPs. Now that I want to step out to longer ranges, what would you recommend.


175’s. The M118 military 308/7.62 sniper ammo is 175’s. 1 in 10 barrel will do 175’s just fine.


I have 1000s of M1118s and NONE of them fly well in a 1/10 aught six barrel.
Even weenied them down to 308 speeds, no good.
Im selling them back to the wholesaler, we tried them in 2 different R5s and an FNAR. A-Max out shots them hands down.

What commands distance is how they fly thru the air. A longer pill will stay stabilized longer than a shorter fatter one.


Well, the long high BC bullet is the ticket as @Quick_Draw_Mcgraw stated
I am not sure of the distance your shooting but lets say a 150grain with a 0.435 B.C. from a .308 will drop 200.5 inches @ 800 yards. So thats over 16ft.of drop so even heavier bullets will have even more drop.


Yep thats all true the 175’s - 178s are the hot tip for 1:10. You can go even heavier, some folks find 208s work really well in their rifle.

For me I found there’s several questions to be answered first. As in what are you doing; hunting, competition, ELR, or just gun day steel? Then there is more detail, like what game are you hunting or playing? Do you want to see the splash? How important is the split time?

Secondly there is the ‘where are you doing it’ question. For instance elevation and wind are big factors for us. Wyoming where we can shoot more than a mile without issue or even leaving the property and the elevation is 5600’, but it’s windy AF, vs the area where we work the most in the mid atlantic. It’s always at much lower elevation, less wind, but higher humidity and we have to find powerlines or go to ranges. But there also isn’t the yearly or even daily temperature swings changing your POI.

The 3rd big question, what does the rifle like? Heavy, lighter, boreriders, monos, hybrids, Bergers, Sierras, Barnes, Speer, Norma or Hornady? I think some like to shoot longer higher BC boat tails, others like a flatbase heavy which goes transonic with little effect.

For me since I have decided to go to Monos for food hunting, the dilemma isn’t hunting in the Mid-Atlantic, but as you would imagine its Wyoming, and our needing to kill at longer range. I could just go bigger or get smart. My body has taken a beating and so I don’t need or enjoy the recoil, so I am getting smart.

I decided to buy new Peterson small rifle primer brass, and use magnum SRPs (CCI 450), and Leverevolution powder to drive 150 grain Badlands BD2s at 3000’fps or so. That should be able to kill most Wyoming game out to half a mile, conditions permitting of course. With a 26" 1:10 5R barrel you might be able to take an Elk at that range with the 175 BD2 if they’ll stay stable in your rig.


@Barrett I know I didnt really answer you question per se.
Berger has a twist calculator.


@Barrett That Calculator works but not every bullet works in every rifle. This is especially true with monos because of different copper alloy that is used.

The Badlands BD2 175 has a bc of .605 G1. While it might be borderline in my 20" 1:10, my 22in 1:12, or the 24" 1:13. The 26" inch 1:10 will probably stabilize the heavier monolithics especially at elevation.

If using a conventional bullet it is pretty straightforward. Find the bullet your rifle likes in the 175-208 range and you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face.


Snipershide did a very in depth test on 168’s versus 175’s and the 175’s are by far the better long range bullet in 308…a bullet that is faster initially does not mean it will drop less, been proven many years ago.


I’m hoping to compete in a class that allows muzzle brakes other than PRC or some sort of F Class that allows the use of brakes may be some bench rest, I dont know what all the classes are or even where to look them up. I really want to compete with what i’ve got now to to test my capabilities, a new rifle will come later as I improve. There aren’t any ranges near me thatI know of outside of a four hour drive even to practice, There is one acception but their range fee is like $65.00 an hour and you must be a member at about $1300 a year to use their 1K yard range, that’s rediculous. The only two I know about are “The Clinton House” (4 hour drive and “Dead Zero” ( about 7 hours away). Both are top class ranges. Though “Clinton House” is quite affordable at $420 a year and way cheaper range fees.


Yep lighter and faster peeters out quicker. Also they get pushed around more by the wind.
A little weight can go a long weighs… (all puns intended) :rofl:

If I had the right barrel I’d give these a whirl…

That was from a test barrel without tuning the loads. At 300 .3 MOA.


Damn that sucks.


All the ranges around here are free . I have two close one 30 miles away one15 miles away the one 30 miles away is 1000 yrd the other closer one is 300 yards. Are there no public ranges in your state .


I have steel at 275yds. I can shoot 450yds in one hay field. To shoot farther than that I drive 2000 miles almost every year to AZ. We shoot in the desert up to a mile.
I just ordered a 300 win mag rifle and scope etc to try and hit the one mile target.
My Creedmoor will do a thousand and a bit more but I dont think it will do a mile.
My 308’s will do 1000 and so will my Grendel. Long skinny heavy for caliber bullets are your friend in the distance game.


More than likely because they have a higher B.C. (ballistic coefficient )


It never made sense to me, but I had better accuracy with Hornady bullets than Berger and I tried a LOT of loads, the Bergers would weigh out almost perfect bullet after bullet, the Hornady’s at times would be a half grain off and produce better groups, Me and Berger bullets never seemed to find the sweet spot. I also had good luck with SMK’s.


That is weird :confused:, was the Berger and Hornady same class and weight ?


Yeah, I could not figure out a load where the Berger matched or beat the Hornady bullets, was shooting a 6mm Creedmoor, in a 6.5 Grendel I had the SMK’s shot rings around everything else, finding what a barrel likes can be hair pulling at times.


I have a 100 rnd box of both in 168 grain, The Honady is moly coated. I’m waiting on 100 pieces of Lapua brass on the way and fixing to order more, I just recieved my EC tuner brake And will have my gunsnith cut the barell for it this Saturday. If I have onough money left over I’ll pick up a chronoghaph on the way home.

I really want to try the Lapua brass rather than the the pile of mixed brass I have been saving to reload. I dint think mixed brass will do well forload developement. I do have about 60 rounds of the mixed brass loaded using CCI #34, a brick of CCI 200 and four boxes of Federal 210 primers. I will probably use the 210 for load developement, to find the right powder charge. Once I find what velocity works best in the new SPS Remington. I will get going on the primer testing by backing off the powder charge .6 grains a work up .2 grain at a time and see what the results are when I reach the volocity the bullets and barell combination liked.

I will put another scope and base on my old BDL with the 22" barell and work up loads for hunting. The BDL was shooting 3/8 inch groups at 200 yds that were just 1/2 higher over the 100 yard zero. I pulled the base and scope to put on the SPS. I love the scope it’s a Vortex Strke Eagle 5x25x56, 34mm tube. It’s crystal clear and tracks perfect.

PS: I’m new to loading so be prepared to answer a ton of questions.


That’s the Truth!

I used to be a bigger Hornady fan than I am now. Still a fan. But about 10 years ago Berger really started to come on.


I bought a bunch of the 6.5 CM 140 AG. Still have enough of that to shoot out the barrel. Still haven’t bothered to load for it, because the Hornady AG shoots so good.

The 308 is is another story, no complaints re Hornady other than I decided I don’t like bullets that blow up when the hit bone. The ELD-X I tried ruined a lot of meat. No more. I am switching to Monos for hunting.

I like the Badlands BD2s and the Cavity Back Bullets MKZ to try first.

If I wanted to compete with a 308 I would give the Bergers a try. I agree the Hornady is the cheaper easy button though.


Impressive. The 1/2 higher at 200 puzzles me.

For 308 brass I am going to use the Lapua LRP for my M-88, and the Peterson SRP for the Semi-custom Savage for LR. The LC for the Semi-Autos as always.

No worries, there’s enough folks here that will help with reload questions I guarantee.