Heavier recoil spring needed? G20 + 9x25 Dillon

Topic title.

If I should upgrade to a heavier recoil spring, suggestions?


Anyone? :cowboy_hat_face:

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I would think so but it’s also a testing game
I would have a couple diffrent springs in hand when you finish your build and go from there
See what spring actually works best

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Thanks @Giantspeed, that is something I had thought of. I thought I might get a 19, 20 and maybe a 22 pound spring since they are pretty cheap. At some point I’ll be shooting hotter 10mm loads too so I know I’ll need at least a 20 pound for that me thinks. I’m sure I’m going to be peckish to buy a better quality 10mm barrel once I get comfortable with the pistol as well.

For this topic, how’s this spring?


I would make sure you only use steel guide rods for sure
I’m not much in the round your choosing
I’m sure someone here has a better opinion of what you should use


Was thinking the same thing. :+1: What do you recommend for a Gen 4 G20?

At least someone who has 10mm G20 experience at the minimum. :cowboy_hat_face:

Went ahead and bought this. Bonus coming in 8 days. We are “promised” it is a good one. So we will see.


That item ended up being out of stock so I cancelled that order and ordered one of these that should be here today.

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