Hello, All, from Geary in Texas


I’ve been a part of the traditions and gun culture of Texas since my birth in Central Texas. My Dad and extended family taught me to respect/revere firearms. They also showed me the proper use of weapons, in general.

I believe we have an unalienable human right to self-defend using the most effective firearms available. When called upon, I think it’s our civic duty to protect our family, other loved ones, and fellow citizens. For years I believe we become the first responder when we’re under violent attack. I’m pleased we still have forums like these on Full30.

My wife and I work from home, and I make a living as an Intraday futures trader.

Looking forward to reading your introductions and connecting with other like-minded folks.




Welcome from a fellow Texan.


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Welcome @Geary
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Welcome to full30!


Welcome to full30



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I appreciate the warm welcome, thank you!