Hello all, MAC checking in


If we ever find ourselves near the same map dot, I’ll bring you my .338LM AR, you bring me that new B&T TP9, and together we’ll waste a bunch of ammo.


Hi Tim,

I have been subscribed to your YT channel for a long time and wanted to thank you for your content.
Now that you have started Full30 I can thank you for that as well.

Thank you,


Hi Tim. Thanks for everything you do. You will have my continued support on Patreon.


Been watching you from the get-go.
Absolutely fantastic to have you here!


Thank you Tim for all of your efforts in fighting for our 2A rights.

I, like other content creators are still waiting to find out if we can have Full30 as our video outlet.

Nito Mortera
AP2020 Outdoors Adventures, LLC


Hi Mac, I’m aliasSLH, I was the one that informed you even airsoft channels we’re getting boned by YouTube.

I’ve had to make literally everything private except for 2 videos, I will never get monetization and I generally just keep yt around for passing along videos.

There are some “putfile” type places but I don’t trust them anymore than yt.

I just spend my time filling in the blanks and buying good / middle ground stuff and build a system as John Lovell says and not worry about the it’s not good enough crowd.


Thank you, Tim, for all that you do.