Hello all


Well hello there. My name is Dan and I run www.tactical-reviews.com I built this to help drive traffic to other sites who sell firearms and products because the big boys don’t allow advertising of any kind. I use my organic reach on social media to help drive traffic and ultimately, sales for you.

Got a product you want promoted? Let me know and we’ll work with you.

I’m a man with many hats and I’m working on my associates degree on firearms technology. I’m also a reloader and gunsmith. I love the AR platform and have built many.

It is my hope to make Full30 the name on everyones lips. Help me make this possible, it’s a win for all of us.


Hi Dan!

Can you promote raffles?

I have a friend who needs help selling his remaining tickets!!


You got it.


Howdy Dan,
I’m a member of several other forums ie AR15, Walther, CZ, Glock etc tec. But never lurked on Full 30 forum before. Thanks for the heads up.


Hello Dan glad to have you amoung us.


Hi Dan,
Thank you for all you do here and in your videos.