Hello fellow American patriots

Hello everyone. I’m brand new here and want to say hi to all. On Twitter I am Covefe Artist, and use that place to be politically “incorrect “. Please follow me if you would like to. I will follow back.

Wondering how to post an avatar here? I looked around but can’t find it.

I really am a traditionalist when it comes too guns. I love wood and steel, and all-steel revolvers. Well, anything all-steel. LOL.

Glad to be here.




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Thank you! I see it.

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Welcome to the forum Dane!


Hi Dane! glad that we are together.

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Welcome. Are you new to the gun world, or have you been involved in it for a while?

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Hi John,

I have been involved and loved guns since I was in the Army in 1987. I was a unit armorer and loved it!

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Hi Ammo:

Thanks for the feedback.

You have any favorite guns, or types of guns?

My favorites are: Marlin Guide Gun in .45-70; Ruger Redhawk w/4" barrel in .44 mag; and Remington 870 Marine Magnum in 12 gauge.

So what kind art,and does it relate to guns?Im powder artist,black and modern paper and canvase, draw and sometimes just explode powder under cover! Paint ,ink ect.
Whats your art?

Hey John,

I love your guns ( but I don’t have those). I love and have LRB M25’s, Two Les Baer 1911 Custom Combats, and older S&W revolvers. I carry my Revolvers. :smiley:


I’m an analog (film) Photographer (35mm to 8x10 darkroom silver gelatin and platinum/palladium, neon glass artist, musician, and love drawing and painting also. Was teaching Art and Social Studies until I got brain cancer, so I’m not working now. I’m lucky to be alive! :smiley:

redlemur, That is cool art !

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And yours as well,cool,and godamn it is everyone sick? Yup me too and a lot of others around here,you would almost think there is something going on?I go to hospital today have a bad feeling about what they will say.doctors told me to settle my affairs 9 years ago?still kickin.
Fingers crossed​:fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful:

Hi Ammo:

Not sure what LRB means, but the rest, wow, expensive, but nice, I am sure.

Long time ago, I did house sitting for some friends, used an S&W 36 (stainless/wood), .38 special for my carry gun. It carried oh so nicely, felt great in the hand. Caused me to end up moving to S&W 60’s as my home defense and carry guns. Have always loved revolvers, though I do see how semiautos with their higher capacities, can make more sense for most people. So, now I mix it up - some revolvers, some semiautos, for home defense and carry.